About Steven

Steven HitchcockI would like to introduce myself to you. I am a practical tailor who learnt the trade with the Savile Row tailors Anderson and Sheppard.

I started there straight from school in the year 1990, the first four years as an apprentice coat maker, then five years learning to cut and fit. To my knowledge there has been no one else who has gone through this vigorous training. People have been taught to make coats and others have learnt to cut but it is rare to have completed both . I was very pleased in 1995 when Mr Halsey the Managing Director at that time invited me to join the cutting room. This year (2011) I  have been running my own business for 12 years and been in the tailoring trade for 21 years.

I have followed in my Fathers footsteps in the way I have learnt my craft, he joined Anderson’s when he was 15 years old and was taught his sewing and cutting skills in the traditional way. Today, he is the current Managing Director of Anderson and Sheppard and for me the king Pin of the firm.

When I first started up my own tailoring business in the year 1999, I worked from tailors James and James in Old Burlington Street. I had great times there with Eric James and Yvonne Nichols. Unfortunately the shop was demolished due to the new development in Savile Row and Old Burlington Street.

Then in January 2003 from number 13 New Burlington Street, where I shared the very nice premises of top tailors Denman and Goddard.

From January  2009 I started back in Savile Row the heart of bespoke tailoring sharing premises at 13 Savile Row L.G.