Why Choose Steven Hitchcock?

Choosing a bespoke tailor to suit yourself is not as easy as it might seem, (pardon the pun). If you have not been recommended a tailor it can be tricky to find the right one for you, the best tailors have different house styles.  My coat style prefers a softer draped chest, soft natural shoulder and higher cut arm holes, with the sleeves still being sewn in by hand. Which, I learnt from my father John Hitchcock at Anderson and Sheppard. When you commission a suit from me you can be sure that I will cut your pattern out myself. I will cut your suit from your chosen cloth and will fit your suit. Most tailoring houses do not have such a personal service. This is because the larger tailoring houses are not owned by classically trained tailors, but by savvy business investors. The fact that I am the owner, cutter and tailor is a pure form of tailoring. I control every aspect of my bespoke business. My suits are hand crafted by the very highest skilled personally hand picked tailors found in Savile Row. I work closely with my coat makers to ensure they produce exactly what I set out to achieve.

Butler wearing Double Breasted mohair suit.
Butler wearing an electric blue D.B. soft tailored Steven Hitchcock suit. ( Photo by, www.the-journal-of-style.com )

I truly believe that I am one of an exclusive group of ‘thoroughbred’ Savile Row Tailors who are left still making genuine traditional bespoke suits in the old school way.  It is very rare to find a proprietor who has been through their apprenticeship as I have, with knowing both how to make and to cut, which gives me a great advantage over other tailoring houses.

I’ve been in the tailoring trade consistently for 25 years, starting straight from school at the age of 16 and I have now run my own tailoring firm since 1999. It’s hard for me to believe, as the time has gone by so quickly! I feel lucky to continue to make my living in the trade that I enjoy so much. I have been fortuitous to meet and make suits for some great people including Vernon Kay, Patrick Head, Jason Atherton, The Al Thani family and it was a great honour to make in 2001 for H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. I look forward to seeing what another 25 years brings!

Prince of Wales wearing Steven Hitchcock D.B. overcoat.
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales wearing a Steven Hitchcock Bespoke Vicuna Topcoat.

As I have a shop located in the golden mile of Savile Row  I do not travel around every day to meet with my clients. This allows me to attend to my clients sartorial requirements when ever they fancy popping in to see me in my London shop. My suits can be completed slightly quicker, for example, a new client’s suit would take around 6-9 weeks, however, with existing clients who may need fewer fittings, around 4-6 weeks depending on time of year. I can also take on ‘skiffle’s’ tailoring slang for clothes to be made more urgently, depending on how much work I have in progress at the time.

My tailoring business is relatively small, which I prefer.  I will only make a limited amount of suits each year and do not wish to make any more.  At the current pace this keeps me extremely busy, any more and the quality may start to suffer. As with my existing clients, I look forward to building lasting relationships with new ones.

Jason Atherton Fitting
Michelin starred chef, Jason Atherton wears Steven Hitchcock Bespoke.

I do feel in the next few years Savile Row will change a great deal, with many Master Tailors retiring and new so called ‘Master Tailors’ opening or just travelling to the Row to gain the kudos, selling made to measure suits produced in factories overseas with no training or feeling for craft or tradition just to make money.  These fictitious tailors do not have any formal training in cutting or sewing which is in my view denotes the very essence of British hand crafted bespoke tailoring.

I am pleased to say that I feel lucky to work from the oldest tailoring shop in London, it dates back to 1919. If you are passing and would like to meet with me, please feel very welcome to pop in you may also take a look at some of our work we have going through.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope this has been some help to you and I will leave you my details if you wish to get in contact.

Steven Hitchcock.

Master Tailor.

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