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Whilst in the U.S.A

I travel to the USA to offer my clients who live there the very best of service. I have planned trips for February, May & October 2017.

Commissioning a Savile Row suit in the USA

I have been traveling to the USA now continuously for fifteen years, tri-yearly and in that time I feel that I have perfected the system for ordering a bespoke Savile Row suit overseas.

How it works

You would need to contact me for an appointment preferably prior to my arrival by telephone.

The first consultation will take place in my hotel suite when I will be happy to show you samples of my work, discuss your bespoke requirements whether it be for a formal suit, overcoat, sports jacket or dress wear or in fact any other item of bespoke clothing.

After we have established your requirements I will then show you an extensive range of cloth to select from. You will also have an opportunity to select a body lining.

I will then take your measurements and a note of your posture. This will enable me to cut your paper pattern on return to London. This will then be kept on file and used for future orders.

I will bring out your fittings on my next trip for you to try on and we will make sure that you are satisfied with the progress. I chalk the adjustments on the suit and make a written note on your file. I then bring it back to my London cutting room where I rip it down, press, smooth and re-cut both the cloth and the pattern as necessary.

If the client and myself are completely satisfied with the fitting, I will then go ahead and finish the suit and then send by courier. On my next visit, I like to see the suit on the client where I will ensure that it is a perfect fit.

If the client or I decide that another fitting is necessary then I will do this second fitting on the next visit to the USA.



Having a bespoke Savile Row tailor made suit is a great experience, and one that is enhanced by Steven’s knowledge experience and his easy manner. I am always impressed with his attention to detail and his willingness to accommodate my busy schedule. He is a pleasure to work with.

– Jason Atherton


Introductory visit: The University Club of Washington. Tuesday 9th & Wednesday 10th May 2017, until 12 noon.


The Union League of Philadelphia

Thursday 11th & Friday 12th May 2017 until 12 noon.

Cell: (1) 201 754 2964

Tel: +1 215-563-6500

New York

The Benjamin Hotel

Sunday 19 February - Wednesday 22 February 2017 until 12 noon.

Cell: 011447971785805

Tel: +1 212-715-2500


The Eliot Hotel

Next visit May 2017 dates to be confirmed.

Cell: 011447971785805

Tel: +1 617-267-1607

Steven will also travel to you with a minimum order.

LA and San Francisco

Coming this fall, dates to be confirmed.