My Bespoke Tailoring Article in The Rake Magazine……………..

..was published in the most recent issue. The Rake describes itself as 'The modern voice of classic elegance and I would certainly agree with that. Last year I was approached by the Editor-In-Chief, Christian Barker, to make him his first genuine bespoke suit, and being an avid reader of the magazine I was delighted to oblige. Having now read the article it is interesting to know why I was specially selected by Christian when there are obviously a number of Savile Row tailors plying their trade. The reasons given in the magazine were as follows :- He must be schooled in the traditional, time honoured tailoring arts, but must be someone a little more au fait with au courant fit, someone with whom we share common cultural references; I think this refers to my age. It also had to be a legitimate Savile Row bespoke suit, a talent to produce something special, and finally that the price would not break the bank!! Christian, in consultation with myself, picked a 13oz grey Luxury English flannel from j & j Minnis and decided on a 2 button single breasted 2 piece suit with a vivid pink lining. It was a pleasure to make this suit for such a great client and rather than me describe the finished article I thought I would just quote his comments from the magazine, and they were 'As for the end result… Let's just say I'm incredibly pleased with my first foray into bespoke. The suit's a thing of beauty. As Steven promised, and as you'd expect, it fits better than anything I have ever worn before. It looks seriously sharp, and feels fantastic. Soberly businesslike on the outside, a poppin pink trimmed party within, there's a duality to it – despite outwardly appearing incredibly upright and proper, it does feel comfy as pyjamas. I am so glad that Christian was overjoyed at his first experience of Savile Row bespoke tailoring, and if you do not have a copy of the Rake, I will do my best to reproduce the pictures in the not too distant future.

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