Turning Paper into a Suit…………….

Cloth & Lining Forepart chalked out
Coat with lining
Not quite like turning water into wine, but the pictures show how we are progressing towards the finished article.  The cloth selected by Simon is an 11oz Porter & Harding Glorious Twelfth and is pure wool.  He wanted an eye catching tweed suit that he could wear in town, and I thought this cloth would be ideal as it has a clean cut finish, and unlike a heavy tweed suit, he can wear it all year round. I have cut the cloth using the paper pattern, which you can see in the one of the previous posts. Because Simon has an enviable physique of a large chest and small waist, I have cut the pattern using a side body which allows me to get more shape through the side seams and the larger front cut creates a fuller chest, which Simon has specifically requested. The work is now in hand to produce the first fitting which is known as a baste and this should be ready in the next 10 days.  To be continued……………………

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