The Most Elegant Man I've Ever Met…..

…………And when these words are written by G. Bruce Boyer, everyone should sit up and take notice.  The man whom he was referring to was Colin Harvey who spent many years as  Cutter and Director at Anderson & Sheppard. I spent my formative years under him at Anderson & Sheppard, and as I was young and fancy free, did not immediately appreciate his amazing talent. As time went by I came to realise that not only was he always at the top of his profession, but the way he dressed and carried himself was elegance personified.  He was famous for his accessories, and his shirts and ties were invariably flamboyant, and I am sure that some of this has rubbed off on me; although I could never claim to hold a candle to him on the elegance front.  He did cut in a slightly different way which gave a closer fitting chest, a side body which went behind the pocket, which gave more shape through the waist and flair over the back of the hips. I can still cut this way and feel that it is important that these old traditions are not lost forever. I refer to it as ‘The Harvey Cut’, and when someone requests it, I always think of Colin Harvey.  When he unfortunately died in the early nineties, I was given his shears, and I still use them to this day. If he is looking down on me, I hope he approves of the use his shears have been put to. The picture below is a perfect illustration of the man.


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