The long and short of it……

Summer in England is wonderful, when we finally have it! All manner of crimes are committed in the sun, leaving the house with alabaster skin. Then returning after a blazing day in the beautiful sun, with tomato hued skin. Eating two ice creams in one day. (GUILTY.) Putting on trousers in the cool morning, then being slow cooked by mid day, ending as a clammy heap by the evening.

 I cannot help you with your sun lotion application. I can recommend eating two ice creams in one day, but not every day! My solution to being slow cooked in your trousers is to wear shorts!

 It would be ideal if we could all wear shorts to work. I am not talking about sports shorts, Lycra shorts, or short shorts! I am speaking of bespoke shorts that are a suitable length and width.  Shorts are not deemed as suitable for work attire in England. However, to be able to wear shorts at any other opportunity is a right! Especially in hot weather!

Linen, cotton, fresco and linen/cotton blend are ideal cloths for shorts. Fresco is wool, which we equate with heat retaining. However, the Fresco weave is plain and open. This helps let cool air pass through the cloth to your skin and keep you cool. Fresco is great as a suit for hot climes, and for the regular traveller. Linen and cotton conduct heat away from the body, thus keeping you cool. Linen and cotton also come in a wide range of colours, and so this allows you to be more playful – if you choose.

 Bespoke shorts can be cut in the same style as trousers. (Just shorter, silly!) If you like to wear your trousers with one pleat and side adjusters. That is ok. If you are the type of gent who likes a narrower trouser, perhaps plain fronts with a slimmer thigh? Even braces are fine with shorts, but keep it classic with four pleats.  The length of the short is important. Too far above the knee, bit odd. Too far below the knee, bit odd. The most complementary
lengths I have seen are ‘just’ above the knee, or ‘on’ the knee.  The width of the short is your choice, but I would recommend you don’t go too baggy. It has a shortening effect. Too narrow and you will be cancelling out the point of wearing shorts. (To keep you cool, fool!)

 I am not instigating that you start wearing shorts with your suit coat. What I am trying to say, is that shorts can be smart and can be worn to more places than you think. If the shorts are smart, worn with a pressed shirt, clean suede loafers (please, no socks.) and a winning smile, you will pass.

 There is one golden rule with wearing shorts, and this is probably going to sound horrendously girly, and you will wrinkle your noses.

 Moisturise your legs!  

There, it has been said. I look forward to seeing more flashes of leg of the male variety.

Toodle pip! Celia.

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