Prince of wales label

Prince Charles wearing Steven Hitchcock bespoke…..

HRH Prince Charles pattern, Steven Hitchcock Bespoke.

I am very happy to see that HRH the Prince of Wales is still wearing the Vicuna polo coat that I made him back in 2001.  Above is a picture of the pattern I cut for him, for the overcoat and also another pattern that I cut a year after for his dinner suit and two piece double breasted suits. It was a very exciting opportunity to make for Prince Charles at such an early stage in my career as an independent tailor.

The cloth is Vicuna, which is a very luxurious and warm cloth to wear. Prince Charles told me that the cloth was given to him as a gift and wanted a warm smart coat made up.  I am very pleased that he his still wearing the coat and is often photographed in it. It must be his favourite!!

To learn more about Vicuna, Holland and Sherry produce some beautiful vicuna cloths.



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