Moving on up……………….

……And in so many ways. After 4 years of working from a lower ground premises I am now moving up and into the daylight, and I am so excited.  I have just signed a lease on the most wonderful shop; just a stones throw from my present location. The whole building which dates back to the 19th Century is owned by the Wilkinson Family, and has continuously been a home to Bespoke Tailors since 1920, and I am very proud to be associated with this wonderful institution.

Apart from my complexion benefiting from the essential vitamins associated with extra sunlight, the added benefits include a better working environment, more opportunity to display my work, security of tenure, and most importantly more room which will allow me to take on another member of staff: but not just any member of staff! 

I am very pleased to announce that Celia is joining Steven Hitchcock from May 1st.

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