Hidden details………

There are a lot of details in a bespoke suit that you do not see or notice. The ones you do not see are the structural details, such as the hand padding in the canvas, the hand stretched collar canvas and the gentle shrinking and easing in the trousers. All of the hidden details that you do not see are beautifully feathered in with all the details that you can see, such as the weave of the chosen cloth, the hand sewn button holes and dimples of hand tacking at the top of the vent. These are only a handful of the details that are present in a bespoke suit. However, sometimes the customer likes to have a hand in the creation of  the extra details.

 Here is a pair of trousers that the customer liked the idea of a  hidden detail. As a style feature the customer has a coin pocket with a flap, hole and button. However, he has chosen a liberty print lining to go under the flap. It is a lovely hidden addition to his suit, and is a little splash of the unexpected!

Toodle pip. Celia.


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