Gold Medals all the way….

..At least that is the way I, and most of Great Britain thought about the Olympics.  The opening ceremony showcased all the things we have been good at and how that shaped what we are today.  I though the depiction of the Industrial revolution was amazing and there was even a mention of weaving cloth and that obviously relates to how the tailoring trade developed.  The whole Country seemed mesmerised by the effort the athletes were putting into their pursuit of Gold Medals and we wanted it to carry on, and on and on.  All good things come to an end but we do have the Para Olympics to look forward to and there is still such a buzz in Town.  There were a number of icons during the games, but my absolute favourite was Bradley Wiggins; he was just so cool, and I would love to be given the opportunity to make a Bespoke Steven Hitchcock Soft Tailored suit for him, so if he is reading this, the offer is there.


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