Enjoy yourself, while you're still in the Pink!









With this pink and blue windowpane jacketing from the Sunbeam range by Harrisons of Edinburgh, you can do only one thing. Enjoy yourself!


 This fabulous colour is so playful, everyone who sees it stops what they are doing, glance again and then smile. This cloth is pure pleasure. It is slightly too indulgent, but as the song goes, ‘ The years go by, as quick as a wink. Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, its later than you think.’ So, there is the hint. Wear something a little different, while you still have the time!



Due to Sunbeams composition ( Merino wool and silk ) and a very open weave, it takes a very skilled tailor to cut and make the cloth into a beautiful coat. Extra time and care is taken to make sure the cloth is perfectly marked up and put together. The tailor has to make sure the tension on his machine is just right, otherwise the cloth can look strangled or pathetic. It has to managed just right. 


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