English man in New York……..not an alien!!!!!

New York is beckoning us! Tomorrow we will fly out to one of our favourite cities. We hope to bring a little English style and charm to the metropolis. So, here is a sneak preview of Steven’s new suit. It is a W. Bill linen, in a gorgeous light tobacco colour. Steven thought it best to buy a new tie to go with his new suit, and so popped into Drakes, www.drakes-london.com/online-shop/ties There is nothing better than a new suit, a new tie and an adventure in NY!

I did say it was a sneak preview, so you will you have to wonder what style he has made the linen up in! ok, ok, I will post some photos of Steven out and about in his new suit and tie, but you will have to wait until we are in New York!

Steven bought the last 9 meters of that colour end, so if you want a suit in exactly the same colour. Enquire, quick!

Toodle pip! Celia.


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