A twinkle in the eye……

Well it has now moved past that stage. This is the suit mentioned in a previous post, and as the client is also a friend, he has given the OK for its progress to be documented.  This morning I cut the paper pattern from his measurements and posture which I had taken earlier. This will now be used as a template to cut the cloth from, which I will show you in a future post, hopefully next week when I have the time. The pattern will then be retained for future reference.  All my patterns are cut by eye, no blocks here! This make the suit 100% unique to the client. In the pictures below you can see the paper pattern that I cut myself for the jacket (coat) trousers and waistcoat (vest). It helps if you were good at jigsaws as a child!!

Cutting by eye
Paper Pattern 
Trouser pattern 
 Vest pattern
Clients pattern for future use

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