25 Years in the bespoke tailoring trade…..

Today, marks for me a quarter of a century working as a Savile Row bespoke tailor. I have seen quite a few changes, lots of great tailors and cutters retiring from the trade, and an influx of the ‘new breed’ of ‘self titled’ Savile Row tailors that seem to get everything made in a factory over seas. To me just selling the postcode and not the exquisite Savile Row craftsmanship, disappoints me greatly.

On a positive note I saw a great piece of unseen vintage footage of Savile Row on the television last night. I could not believe my eyes when Mr Sheppard Jnr, one of the founders sons came on and explained about the clients at that time needing to be recommended in writing to commission a suit from tailors Anderson and Sheppard. As I am sure you are aware that I am very much a traditionalist, when it comes to the way I cut and make my suits, I still hand cut all my suits and they are still hand made on Savile Row. I also believe I provide a service and the attention to detail from yesteryear.

I hope you enjoy this short video as much as I did. The old days on Savile Row

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