They Blog him here, They Blog him there……………

………………And it now seems I am being blogged everywhere.  Over the last year I have been approached by a number of journalists who wanted an insight into my soft tailoring style, and within the last month, articles relating to my work appeared in a number of different Blogs.  They kindly put in links to my website, but the extra traffic brought my site to it’s knees, and it took me a couple of days to get it up and running again.  I have now put in measures to prevent it happening again.  I am not sure why there is a sudden upsurge in interest in my soft tailoring style, maybe it is due to the fact that with so few of us carrying the flag, as one person retires, there are less of us to take on the orders. If you wish to read what others think of me, please see Simply Refined part 1 and part 2 and Permanent Style. Permanent style details the progress of a suit that I am making for Simon Crompton. So far I have cut the paper pattern, had a fitting and it is now nearing completion. The picture below is of the jacket:-


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