How to Stand out in a Crowd………


……….And for the right reasons.  A very good client recently tasked me with finding a cloth that he had seen a picture of on the internet.  Although I am no Sherlock Holmes ( but he would look great in the suit!),and after disappearing up a number of blind alleys, I finally tracked it down to a very small mill in Scotland.  His original request was for a jacket, but he was so pleased with the finished item, that I then made him the trousers and vest to match. I hope you agree that the cloth looks wonderful made up and I cannot wait to see the pictures of the client wearing it. He has already been stopped and complimented on both the cloth and style. Different cloths are for different occasions, but I must say it gave me a good feeling to work with this cloth, and having spoken to the client, it gives him a good feeling when he wears it.  I have put a hold on a small quantity of the cloth for a month, just in case any of my other clients would like a suit made up from it.

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